Dab Rigs

You know by now that cannabis concentrates are attracting great attention of the public. Many people now prefer dabbing concentrates as opposed to other forms of taking medical marijuana. Dabbing, the controversial yet effective way of enjoying concentrates, employs several paraphernalia key of which is a dab rig. There are many kinds of these available. Here is a selection of some sold by Smoke Cartel and DankStop, the leading online head shops.

Top Dab Rig Reviews 2016

1. Turbine Cyclone Percolator “Smokenado” Water Pipe (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/staff-picks/products/turbine-cyclone-perculator-water-pipe)

Smoke Cartel invented this water pipe and aptly named it the Smokenado. Well, the name is quite accurate. If you watch the pipe in action, you will see the small turbine percolator aided by the body shape of the pipe create a spinning twister-like vortex. The spinning speed is very intense and this makes this water pipe great at percolation.

It is 10.5 inches tall, just the right side to make it dominating and, it comes with an 18.8-mm female joint. The glass in the chamber as well as most other segments is clear so you can see all the twister-like action. The pipe has a bent neck to help prevent splash back.

2. Mini Tornado Cyclone Vapor Rig (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/dankstop-mini-tornado-cyclone-vapor-rig/)

Standing at only 9 inches, this vapor rig comes with a spiraling and spinning tornado-like action that will leave you captivated. It has a unique turbine disc percolator. These two combine to keep the smoke spinning even as it leaves the mouthpiece for your lungs.

The rig has a straight long neck meant to ensure that the smoke travels directly from the chamber up. This helps ensure you have an efficient deliver. It has a 14-mm male joint, which you can accompany with a bowl, a combo of dome and nail or both.

3. Nano Recycler by JM Flow (http://dankstop.com/recycler-rigs/jm-flow-nano-recycler/)

This recycler is made using only the best quality glass from Schott AG, Germany. It as such is beautiful as it is functional. This high quality glass improves the durability of this rig. The functional recycler ensures that the vapor filters repeatedly to give very smooth hits. This rig offers an outstanding dabbing experience because the flared mouthpiece and the bent neck deliver the vapor efficiently while ensuring that no splash back of water gets to your mouth.

It stands at just 6 inches, comes with a male joint measuring 10-mm and has a base that measures 2 inches in diameter. It has a diffused downstem with an inline design and a sprinkler percolator, all encased within a sturdy and compact design. It is very portable especially because it is durable and has a concealable size.

4. Flat Beaker by UPC (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/staff-picks/products/upc-flat-beaker)

This rig probably is the most straightforward dabbing gear you will ever find. Is also is just as functional and portable. It is a perfect choice for dabbers who want to make the most of small spaces. Its strong point is the combo of bowl and removable diffused downstem it features. This combination allows you to use this rig with concentrates as well as herbs and tobacco.
The beaker comes with a 14.5-mm joint and because it is only 8 inches tall, it might just as well be a nano water pipe.

5. Beer Mug Vapor Rig by Crush Glass (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/crush-glass-beer-mug-vapor-rig/)

The beer mug vapor rig is an artful piece made from almost 6-mm thick glass. It as such is as thick and authentic as any German beer mug you will ever come across. It has a stemless design coupled with an inline percolator to improve the flavor of your smoke.

This amber colored rig has a glass mug handle as well as straw on the outside to accurately nail the beer mug look. It stands at 9 inches tall, has a 14-mm male joint and spots a bent neck to deliver smoke efficiently while preventing chances of water splashing back into your mouth.

Dab Rig Selection Tips

A lot goes into making the flavor from your concentrate enjoyable. Key of these requirements is having a great dab rig. When choosing one, some of the factors that matter include the size, the number of chamber and percolators and the design of the mouthpiece and neck. Other important aspects include the kind of joint the dab rig rocks as well as its ability to cool your vapor.

  1. Choose smaller dab rigs – When dabbing, the rig produces vapor constantly. This vapor pushes through the rig’s chamber. A bigger rig with an equally bigger chamber only provides more room for the vapor to dissipate from oxygen and lose its potency.
  2. Smaller mouthpieces – A great dab rig should have a small mouthpiece that fits into your mouth perfectly. Such mouthpieces allow you to truly take in and appreciate the authentic taste of the vapor your concentrate generates.
  3. Optimal percolation – Smoke may be harsh to both lungs and throat but the combination of water and glass percolators create flavor with smooth hits. However, concentrates only require slight percolation. Percolators with two holes and four slits are ideal because they cool off the dab to optimal temperatures without necessarily chopping up the water.
  4. Water filtration – It is not safe to take a lungful of concentrates without cooling this under water. This as such, makes rigs that use water, very appropriate for dabbing. Waterless rigs are appropriate for situations such as hiking but dabbing in this manner should not be the norm.
  5. Match the joints with the nails – The size of joint in your dab rig determines airflow as well as the kind of nail that is appropriate for your rig. It is advisable that you know the size and sex of the joints on the rig so you can shop for the appropriate nails.
  6. Types of Dab Rigs

    The various kinds of dab rigs available are categorized based on the types of percolators they feature. The various percolators available include turbine, diffused downstem, tree, dome, and sprinkler percolators. Others are gridded, honeycomb, showerhead, and matrix percolators.

    • Diffused downstem/straight percolator rigs – these rigs have simple percolators that are nothing more than tube that has holes at the end. These slits allow smoke to run through the water, cooling down in the process.
    • Turbine percolator rigs – These rigs have percolators that assume the shape of disc. They diffuse smoke through the angled slits that force the smoke to pass through water while forming a spinning-like action.
    • Tree percolator rigs – These have between 4 and 64 arms each with side slits. The more arms such rigs have, the more percolation your smoke undergoes.
    • Sprinkler percolator rigs – Such rigs have percolators that have a design similar to a sprinkler. These rigs provide smooth and impressive airflow.
    • Honeycomb – This kind of dab rig features a percolator that looks a lot like a honeycomb. This has more small holes compared to rigs with standard disc percolators.
    • Showerhead – Such rigs have percolators that flair out at the end. Holes and slits that facilitate diffusion are positioned on the end that spreads out.
    • Gridded inline – Rigs that feature gridded inline percolators or barrel percolators diffuse the smoke using the gridded slits under and around the horizontal tube that acts as the percolator.
    • Matrix – Dab rigs with matrix percolators are less common. The percolators they feature are tall, puck-type structures that have many tiny holes.
    • Dome – These rigs have percolators that resemble domes. The percolators have holes or slits that diffuse the smoke when it goes through this dome-like structure.

    Dab Rig Sizes

    Dab rigs vary in size from the miniature 3.5-inches 15-inch giants that command their space on the coffee table. The size of a dab rig depends on its design, the size of its chamber and the length of the neck. Smaller, compact sized dab rigs are highly concealable and are preferred for on the go dabbing. Huge rigs on the other hand, are appropriate for indoor dabbing and in certain instances, for limited use in outdoor occasions like concerts.

    Dab Rig Prices

    Dab rigs cost anywhere between $30 and a several hundreds of dollars depending on the complexity of the rig. Other factors that affect the price include functionality, portability, durability and the volume of the chamber.

    Smaller sized rigs are great on flavor while bigger rigs with equally bigger chamber give smoother hits but with slight distortion of flavor.
    The cheapest rigs that cost about $30 mentioned above are not preferable. These are mostly Chinese-made items that break soon as you start using them. Instead, the mid-range items that cost between $80 and $300 offer greater value and chances of finding a suitable rig within this price range is very high.

    Dab Rig Accessories and parts

    Aside from the dab rig, you require other important accessories if you want to enjoy your concentrates. These accessories include concentrate nails, torches, lighters, dabbers, and carb caps.
    Dab rig parts on the other hand include domes, percolators, and joints. Other parts include main chamber and neck. Certain dab rigs like recyclers have specific parts like additional chambers and percolators.

    How to Use a Dab Rig

    Unlike most people want to believe, the process of dabbing is very straightforward. You start by putting water in the dab rig’s chamber then follow this by seasoning the nail if it is new. The put the nail back inside the rig and gently heat the nail until it is amber in color.

    Dab Rigs

    Use your dabber to add a little wax into the head of the nail.

    Then use a wand to pick a tiny portion of concentrate as put this aside. When set, light your torch and heat the nail again till it turns orange. Wait for about half a minute then put the wax you did set aside, into the hot nail.

    Now rub the wand so it transfers the dab into the inner edges of the nail. Inhale the fine vapor that results from this process using the diffused downstem of your rig.
    Repeat the process as necessary and when done, remove and clean accessories such as the nail and wand.