Dab Torch

Dabbing is a scary process to many uninitiated dabbers because part of the process involves heat. The process of heating glass or metal to very high temperatures is not anybody’s definition of fun. Still, this is a necessary process so unless you have a few hundred dollars to shell on an electric nail, read through so you can make acquaintance with these otherwise harmless accessories that produce the heat that so terrifies you.

Leading dab torches from Smoke Cartel and DankStop

1. Double Barrel R-Series Torch by SToK (https://www.smokecartel.com/products/stok-r-series-double-barrel-r-series-torch)

This butane-powered torch looks menacing save for the colorful green and the black on the large butane tank. Its double barrels look a lot like shotguns but that is the farthest the similarity stretches. These two barrels ensure there is maximum heat generated. The combined flame the two barrels generate can extend almost 10 inches so be careful and keep all flammable material out of reach when heating your nail.

This touch comes with a safety valve that controls the amount of butane it can emit. Delight in it because the two barrels mean it can heat even two nails at the same time.

2. 6-inch Cigar Torch by Newport Butane (http://dankstop.com/accessories/concentrate-accessories/torches-lighters/6-newport-cigar-torch/)

This touch has an amazing build that makes it feel great when you hold it to heat your nail. It is 6 inches or thereabout, which is an awesome size and, it produces strong, very consistent flame. The design features a sturdy base so you can heat your nail while resting it on upon a surface. Moreover, it has a locking mechanism, adjustable flame switch and child safety switch. A combination of these three makes it one of the safest dabbing torches available.

Its butane reservoir is easy to refill and what’s more, it comes in several colors so you can pick one that matches the shades of your other dabbing paraphernalia.

3. R-Mini Butane Torch by SToK (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/torch/products/stok-r-mini-butane-trch)

This is a slightly smaller version of the double-barreled torch by the same manufacturer. It is a lot more portable than the bigger counterpart and better yet, equally as functional. It comes with a new, sure-fire ignition that is instant and, like its bigger compatriot; it too is available in several colors.

Dabbers who want to match their gear, here is a collector item.

4. Mini Cigar Torch by Newport Butane (http://dankstop.com/accessories/concentrate-accessories/torches-lighters/copy-of-6-newport-cigar-torch/)

Like all Newport torches, this too is very sturdy. Its size makes it a good candidate for on the go dabbing. It has a heavy, very strong construction, emits strong and consistent flame and has adjustable flame size. Its tank is easy to refill and like the other torches in this line, it comes in various colors.

5. Bumblebee Torch by Newport Butane (http://dankstop.com/staff-picks/newport-bumblebee-torch/)

This bumblebee themed cigar torch has a delightful design that makes it easy to look at. It does feature the characteristic heavy and solid construction of Newport Butane. It also has a sturdy base, produces strong and very consistent flame and finely adjustable flame size. It also has a locking mechanism, child safety switch and butane tank that is easy to refill.

Dab Torch Selection Tips

Many different types of dab torches are available and the good news is that most of them work just fine. However, for an elaborate encounter like dabbing, ‘just fine’ is never enough. When selecting a dabbing torch as such, you need to ensure you have the finest available. Some factors you should consider include the source of energy, safety features, portability and ease of refill.

– Source of heat – Most dabbing torches use butane though there are a good number that use propane. These two energy sources are all reliable though most torches use butane over propane. This is so because butane works better, where higher temperatures are required and it produces lower pressures when temperatures drop. This makes it slightly safer than propane especially for the purposes of heating nails and dabbing in general.

– Safety features – Almost all dab torches now come with a lock mechanism and a child safety switch. The former helps make the torch safe for use under normal circumstances while the latter adds another layer of security should a child stumble on the torch. Most of these torches also have adjustable flame sizes. This feature helps you ensure you do not harm the dab rig you use because you are able to regulate the flame so it does not get to the glass surface of the rig.

– Sturdy construction – A dab torch with strong construction and a stable base is much safer because you can rest it on a firm surface and heat your nail without worrying about its stability. Moreover, strong construction with compact size improves portability. Such a dab torch is attractive because you can use it wherever you go.

– Budget – Though the price difference between the cheapest dab torch and the highest priced item is not huge, budget still matters. Factors such as form, functionality and quality are just as important. Moreover, all these factors affect the price. The cash you are willing to splash as such, will determine if you land a piece that is both functional and of good quality.

– Burn time – This refers to the total heating time a refill of butane or propane in a dab torch is able to deliver. Most torches hold about 1 oz. of fluid, which translates to between 30 and 40 minutes of burn time. Anything within these ranges is preferable.

– Ease of refill – The ease of refilling the dab torch’s butane tank and the smoothness with which it works after a refill is important. A good dab torch should be easy to refill and after the said refill, its operation should be flawless.

Types of Dab Torches

Two types of dab torches are available. This classification takes into account the type of chemical available in the gas tank. The two types are butane and propane dab torches. As the names suggest, butane dab torches have butane in their tanks while propane torches burn propane gas to heat nails.

Dab Torch Sizes

Dab torches range in size from the 4 to 5 inch mini torches to the 10-inch regular sized torches. Most mini torches have a sturdy strong build and as such, are apt for dabbing on the go. The regular torches too have strong build but their rather larger sizes do not make them great candidates on the go dabbing.

Dab Torch Prices

The prizes of these firehouses range from $30 to about $100 essentially depending on the size, functionality and quality. You should allow for a few more dollars for buying butane or propane refills as the prices indicated above do not consider this.