Dab Rigs over $200

Most dab rigs that cost over $200 have intricate designs that exhibit every manufacturer’s intention of presenting customers with items that maximize their dabbing experience. For instance, this collection here below, of dab rigs over $200, does present more than just essential rigs. The items in this collection harbor immense creativity and innovation in glass art aside from also being the best dab rigs available in the market.

1. “Under the Sea” Coral Reef Concentrate Rig by Empire Glassworks – $212.00 (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/empire-glassworks-under-the-sea-coral-reef-concentrate-rig/)

Made from five millimeter thick-walled, high quality borosilicate glass, this dab rig incorporates a design that revolves around a coral reef theme. The water chamber as such, features an octopus, turtles, starfish and anemones among other representations of aquatic life. This relationship extends to the 10-mm female banger nail, bent and diffused downstem, which features a conjoined male-to-male adapter fused with a 10-mm male joint.

2. Honey Barrel Concentrate Rig by Honey Supply – $240.00 (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/vapor-rigs-between-200-300/products/honey-supply-honey-barrel-concentrate-rig)

This dab rig is one little solid rig with an angled neck and 14.5-mm male joint attached at 90 degrees. It is a work of art covered by decals. It comes with a black or white lip wrapper as well as a vapor dome made from glass.

The rig has a simple diffused downstem that has slits or holes used to diffuse smoke into the water.

Despite its solid nature, it only 6 inches tall and as such is portable. Moreover, its thick glass makes it a suitable for dabbing on the go.

3. “Ossa” Propellor Perc Faberge Egg Bubbler by Sesh Supply – $220.00 (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/vapor-rigs-between-200-300/products/sesh-supply-ossa-propellor-perc-faberge-egg-bubbler)

This is a perfect item for a smoker who wants a dependable dab rig for on-the-go moments. It has three outstanding features; the unique percolator modelled by Sesh Supply, a classic egg body style and sturdy glass nail and dome. These compact features make the dab rig suitable for both mobile as well as indoors dabbing.

Its bent neck is beautiful and very effective at preventing splash back. The dab rig has a unique propeller percolator that forces air through the angled holes while the propeller blades are spinning thus distributing the vapor more effectively.

4. Medium Puck with Colored Accents by Nexus Glass – $299.00 (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/vapor-rigs-between-200-300/products/nexus-glass-medium-puck-with-colored-accents)

At only 4 inches, this classic dab rig with a puck design is a true on-the-go dabber’s companion. It also is beautiful with a design that incorporates brightly colored accents on the mouthpiece. It has an effective downstem that offers relatively higher amounts of percolation as well as filtration.

This dab rig has a polished joint. It is thus easy to clean and even reclaim concentrates and oils.

5. Bent Neck Showerhead to Ratchet Perc Recycler by C2 Custom Creations – $211.99 (http://dankstop.com/recycler-rigs/c2-custom-creations-bent-neck-showerhead-to-ratchet-perc-recycler/)

This beautiful recycler comes with a female bowl that you will find apt when you want to smoke tobacco and dry herbs. Unlike your average dab rigs, this one has two chambers that ensure your smoke comes out with an enjoyable flavor.

It has a showerhead percolator, ratchet percolator and female bowl. The two percolators combine to diffuse your smoke, improve the flavor and in the process, make your dabbing experience memorable. The bowl on the other hand, increases the functionality of your dab rig.

These five dab rigs over $200 have great features that any discerning smoker will spot right away. In addition, they all are great pieces of glasswork and anyone would love to have them beautify their living rooms.