Dab Rigs under $100

Dabbing is only enjoyable if alongside high quality concentrates, you also have an efficient dab rig. While prices of these dab rigs range from tens of dollars to several hundreds, these prices do not necessarily inform the sophistication or efficiency of the various pieces. That said, here are a few dab rigs under $100 that you should check out.

1. Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Sidecar Water Pipe – $89.99 (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/dankstop-honeycomb-to-turbine-perc-sidecar-water-pipe/)

Armed with two percolators, the Honeycomb to Turbine Perc Sidecar Water Pipe is a very refined bubbler. Both the honeycomb percolator and the tornado percolator work together to produce perfectly diffused smoke. Moreover, it has a sidecar design that ensures you never get water in your mouth while enjoying your concentrates. You can choose to have one that incorporates a dome and nail or a simple model that has only a female bowl. The former is suitable for people who want to use the dab rigs to enjoy concentrates only while the latter serves the needs people who want to use the dab rigs to smoke tobacco and dry herbs. Better still, there is a model that incorporates a dome and nail as well as a female bowl.

2. Double Chamber Hammerhead Recycler – $99.00 (http://dankstop.com/recycler-rigs/dankstop-double-chamber-hammerhead-recycler/)

With its dual chambers, you can watch the smoke from your concentrate filter continuously as it transitions through the components of the rig and into the inline percolator. The multiple separation tubes help ensure you have a fulfilling hit with every drag you make. The main component is a chamber made from tough borosilicate glass that is either clear or decorated with subtle green accents.

3. Bee Hive Dab Rig – $79.99 (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/crush-glass-bee-hive-dab-rig/)

You can enjoy your concentrates using this beautiful dab rig and still make it the centerpiece of your mantelpiece. It gets its name from its outstanding beehive shape, which also is the highlight of its extreme beauty. Its major component, the amber colored chamber made from borosilicate glass connects to a downstem, angled mouthpiece and a male joint 14 millimeters long. The ensemble made by Crush Glass comes with both dome and nail.

4. Master Shake Dab Rig – $86.00 (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/crush-glass-master-shake-dab-rig/)

Made from thick-walled high-grade glass, this milkshake rig is not only pure quality but is also is unique. Its design imitates Master Shake, the most beloved character from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force animation series. The bent straw and Master Shake’s aptly captured facial expression are two attractive features that will ensure that while you enjoy your concentrates, you also give your friends a lot to talk about. This milkshake rig comes with a quartz nail without a dome.

5. Pendant Mini Rig by Grav Labs – $70.00 (https://www.smokecartel.com/products/grav-labs-pendant-mini-rig-with-black-accents)

This piece has thick glass that spans all its 6 inches. It has a minimalist nature common with most pieces from Grav Labs. It incorporates a diffused downstem that helps pass the smoke from your concentrate into the water. The holes and slits on this downstem accentuate the hit from the smoke giving you a pleasurable hit with each drag.

The Pendant Mini Rig has a male joint with a corresponding female dome. It is especially ideal for people who prefer dabbing on the go because it is small with a portable design.
There are many dab rigs that cost $100 or less. These have diverse designs to meet equally diverse dabbing needs. The dab rigs under $100 highlighted here above are well worth checking out.