Dab Rigs under $200

Dab rigs are in high demand, a factor that can easy inform the product prices upwards. And, while market forces may affect the product prices, here is a collection of dab rigs that cost $200 or less, that are unique and of very high quality. These dab rigs under $200 are among a select rigs in this price range in the market that provide customers with immense satisfaction.

1. Faberge Egg Rig with Domeless Ceramic Set – $149 (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/vapor-rigs-between-100-200/products/the-othership-mothership-inspired-faberge-egg-rig-with-domeless-ceramic-set)

This dab rig incorporates five essential components that make it a premier product in its class. These components are a bent neck, diffused downstem, fixed downstem, and showerhead perc as well as a glass chamber made from thick borosilicate glass.

The bent neck enhances the dab rig’s aesthetic features while also preventing splash-backs up into your mouth. The diffused downstem on the other hand, ensures the smoke diffuses in the water. The fixed downstem and the showerhead perc further extend the process of diffusion to ensure that you end up with smooth hits.

2. Mini “R2-D2” Themed Dab Rig by Empire Glassworks – $160 (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/empire-glassworks-mini-r2-d2-themed-dab-rig/)

Empire Glassworks made this dab rig as a tribute to the Star Wars R2-D2. It exhibits incredible detail as evidenced by its leaning body. This is created as such to enhance your dabbing experience. The top of the droid’s head also serves as the mouthpiece while the three glass feet offer a stable base. The dab rig’s body incorporates white, black, blue, and grey glass. The chamber contains an inline percolator made of clear glass. The rig has a 10-mm male joint, a female dome of similar length and beautiful glass opal to cap its beauty.

3. Stemless Inset Showerhead Perc Vapor Bubbler by Grav Labs – $129 (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/vapor-rigs-between-100-200/products/grav-labs-stemless-inset-showerhead-perc-vapor-bubbler)

This dab rig’s modified design is more compact making it ideal for several dabbing situations. Moreover, it is sleek, has a stemless, inverted showerhead percolator, which enhances diffusion of smoke.

The new design that presents domeless quartz instead of a nail and dome also enhances the rig’s sleek and compact design further. This simple and compact style makes it very portable. This dab rig as such, is suitable for people who prefer dabbing on the go. It is only 6 inches tall with a female joint that is just 14.5 millimeter.

4. Showerhead Perc Incycler – $119.99 (http://dankstop.com/recycler-rigs/dankstop-showerhead-perc-incycler/)

Here is a dab rig that doubles as an incycler. This is so because its main chamber contains a recycling chamber. Aside from this recycler, the main chamber also contains a showerhead percolator that diffuses and filters your smoke.

It has a 14-mm male joint, which conducts smoke into the main chamber before it gets to the showerhead percolator. The smoke and water then travel into the recycling chamber via the separation tubes. The recycling chamber ensures that extra diffusion occurs before the smoke exits into the mouthpiece.

The Showerhead Perc Incycler comes with flared mouthpiece, which fits into your mouth perfectly to enhance your dabbing experience. It also has a bent neck design that improves the item’s beauty while acting as a splashguard.

This dab rig has a combo of dome and nail as well as female bowl. It as such, is suitable for smoking concentrates and legal oils as well as tobacco and dry herbs.

The dab rigs under $200 highlighted here have features meant to enhance your dabbing experience. All are recommended because of their impressive features and high quality they incorporate.