Large Dab Rigs

Large dab rigs bring a great sense of entitlement to the whole process of dabbing. This is so because in most instances, these items are big, deliver soul-filling flavor and have a beauty that only glass can bring to life. Well, art aside, here is a collection of fantastic large dab rigs you should consider owning, if you have not already.

1. Medium Tornado Cyclone Dab Rig (

This dab rig has a saucer design complete with a turbine disc percolator that delivers nothing but amazing experience. The design lets your smoke form some semblance of a cyclone so that when the drag hits your lungs, it straight transports you to the fantastic world of dabbing delight. Moreover, this spiraling and spinning tornado-like action is unique and very enchanting, which is reason enough to by the dab rig anyway.

Despite the spirally design of the percolator, this dab rig has a straight neck that ensures the smoke hits your lungs directly from the mouthpiece. The disc percolators on the other hand, have holes and slits on top of their disc-like design so they can enhance diffusion and filtration of smoke. Moreover, there are three different kinds of percolator designs, the enchanting turbine design as well as the ratchet disc and honeycomb percolators.

This dab rig is 12 inches long and comes with a 14-mm male joint.

2. Bee Hive Dab Rig (

If you like to enjoy your concentrates and have an innate like for decoration then this is the dab rig for you. It has a beautiful beehive-shaped chamber and will forever change the look of your living room mantelpiece. It stands at 7 inches, which is not exactly ‘large’ if you do not consider its round humongous nature. It however packs a whole lot of goodness in many of its great features.

For instance, its entire chamber is made from a very thick and very colorful high-grade borosilicate glass. It ranks among the most durable dab rigs available on the shelf. This beauty comes with a fixed downstem fused into the chamber as well as an angled mouthpiece that efficiently delivers smoke while preventing splash back.

The beautiful colored glass makes it unique so it easily stands out in wherever place you put it in your living room.

3. Stereo Perc & Ratchet Disc Internal Recycler Dab Rig (
This 12 incher offers three different filtration processes all wrapped in one. It has two percolators, a ratchet disc and a stereo matrix as well as an internal recycling function that delivers fresh and flavorful hits.

It features colorful accents at the base as well as on its lip that make it look pristine. Moreover, it comes with a nail and dome combo so you can use it for concentrates as well as dry herbs and tobacco. Upgrade to a bucket or banger and you will get some of the smoothest smokes ever. Its other features are a bent neck and fixed downstem.

4. Luna-glow” Concentrate Rig by Smoky Mountain Glass (

This truly unique piece stands at 7.5 inches, comes with 10 millimeter female joint and a Luna glow that makes it one of a kind. Its design incorporates a quartz nail that renders a dome obsolete.
Its sandblasted glass gives it a unique texture. The said glass is a 6-mm thick borosilicate product of the U.S. that guarantees the dab rig outlives everything including maybe your dabbing habits.

5. Scylla Spinning Propeller Perc Rig by Sesh Supply (

This dab rig is large, stands at 8 inches and has a 14.5-mm female joint. While most dab rigs this size have fascinating designs, at a glance, the Scylla is nothing more than a beaker and a few essential components thrown in. This minimalist approach probably is its biggest attraction. A keen look however, reveals what is clearly one of the most functional dab rigs available in the market today.

It comes with the signature Sesh Supply percolators, which take your smoke down a spinning path producing a mildly percolated smoke with the entire flavor retained. It has a bent neck, just in case you are worried about splash back.

These five large dab rigs are just a tip of the iceberg. The Smoke Cartel and DankStop sell a lot more in this very same category. Check these out as well as the many other items they have in stock and pick what suits your dabbing needs.