Portable Dab Rigs

If you like to enjoy your concentrates or dry herbs and cigarettes using dab rigs then you will admit that nothing is more stressful than not being able to dab when you want to. This gets worse when happen to travel often. You however need not worry because there are many durable and portable dab rigs available in the market now. Here is a small collection to get you started.

1. Pink Slyme Drank Spill Double Cup Rig by High Tech Glassworks (https://www.smokecartel.com/collections/dab-rigs-and-oil-rigs/products/high-tech-glassworks-pink-slyme-drank-spill-double-cup-rig)

This six incher from High Tech Glassworks may stand out for quality craftsmanship but it is its portability that earns it the most marks. It comes with a 15.5-millimeter male joint, fixed downstem that adds an additional space for smoke diffusion and percolation and a detached 14-millimeter glass dome for use with concentrates.

Its design takes the form of a thick white, sandblasted opaque glass in most segments and pink slyme translucent glass in the remaining bits. It resembles a doubled Styrofoam cup that is pouring out some liquid substance. The cup segment of the rig is the mouthpiece while the spill segment contains a fixed, diffused downstem and a polished 14.5-mm male joint. Also included is a 14-mm glass dome for concentrates.

Just add a female bowl and you can use it to smoke everything else you can imagine.

2. Mini “Dabuccino” Concentrate Rig by DankStop (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/dankstop-mini-dabuccino-concentrate-rig/)

For dabbers who prefer smaller rigs that are more portable then this mini version of the Starbucks themed Dabuccino is what you need. It stands at 7 inches and has green fixed downstem that contains a barrel percolator with a hammer design at the end. This barrel percolator has four slits on every side to cleanse the vapor and offer smoother hits.

The green glass of the mouthpiece matches the green downstem while the design of the angled mouthpiece is such that it branches out from the lid. This design improves comfort while minimizing chances of splash back.

The entire chamber of the dab rig is clear scientific glass. However, DankStop used frosted glass to make the lid on top of the chamber. The rig incorporates a 14-mm male joint but may require a female dome of similar size to function properly.

3. Inline Perc to Donut Perc Vapor Rig by DankStop (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/dankstop-inline-perc-to-donut-perc-vapor-rig/)

This concentrate rig has an inline percolator chamber and a donut percolator. Together, these two create a perfect environment for proper diffusion so the rig can reward you with silky smooth and very flavorful hits.

The donut percolator looks cool and adds to the rig’s aesthetic appeal. It also is highly functional. The design of this concentrate rig increases its efficiency in diffusing smoke properly while also preventing water from splashing into your mouth.

It is 8 inches, comes with a 14-mm male joint and has a compact size that improves its portability.

4. SPG Umbrella Perc Vapor Rig by Grav Labs (http://dankstop.com/concentrate-pipes-and-dab-rigs/grav-labs-spg-umbrella-perc-vapor-rig/)

This concentrate rig from Grav Labs is one of a kind. Constructed with sturdy, strong borosilicate glass, the SPG Umbrella percolator vapor rig is probably the most durable bubbler you will ever find. It has reinforced joints to make it sturdy and apt for portability and includes an angle cut dome as well as a glass nail to improve your dabbing experience.

The glass umbrella percolator included in the dab rig helps ensure the smoke undergoes proper diffusion to create smooth hits. The small size on the other hand, ensures the smoke retains its flavor.

It has a 14-mm male joint and a bent neck that serves to prevent water from splash back into your mouth.

5. Flat Beaker by UPC (https://www.smokecartel.com/products/upc-flat-beaker)

This straightforward beaker leads in functionality and portability. It is especially great for smokers scouting for great functionality in small spaces. It has a detachable diffused downstem as well as a bowl.

It is only 8 inches and because of its straight design, it delivers flavorful smoke with very little drag.

This rig is made of very thick glass to improve its durability. It comes in several colors, suitable for customers who wish to match their collections.

The five portable dab rigs highlighted above are among the many that the Smoke Cartel and DankStop make available. They are suitable for people who prefer to dab on the go. Check them out and while at it, look at the entire range available in the two online head shops.