Small Dab Rigs

How do you like to enjoy your concentrates? Do you prefer that they came with just a hint of doom? If you are the kind of dabber who enjoys his or her concentrates and believe they should present a new Halloween situation each day, then you need to look up this selection of small dab rigs. Most of these are no taller than 4.5 inches but they deliver flavor so fine you literally would not want anything to interrupt your dabbing. Here are a few of these magical pieces of glass art that you should consider purchasing.

1. Mini “R2-D2” Themed Dab Rig by Empire Glassworks (

The unholy call delivered by this magnificent 4.5-incher will give you all the doom you need from your concentrates. While most pieces from Empire Glassworks display grimacing glass skull designs, this beauty imitates everyone’s most beloved Star Wars droid R2-D2. Its body however, is detail-filled as is characteristic of any dab rig from the manufacturer. The slanted body and the ergonomic head, all serve to improve your dabbing experience. The said body ensures easy delivery of smoke while the head, which also is the mouthpiece, fits perfectly.

The chamber has an inline percolator made from clear glass so it not only serves to diffuse your smoke efficiently but also gives you a chance to watch the process take place. This rig is a product of immense beauty and probably the most colorful dab rig available. It incorporates white, grey, blue and black glass worked into a majestic artwork.

2. Color Swirled Baby Beaker Rig (

This little color swirled rig is perfect for portability. However, is also is very functional and every dabber who tries it will fall in love not only with the wonderful work on art on the glass but also with the perfect way it delivers smoke.

Standing at 5-inches with a 10-mm female joint, it probably is the giant in this baby class of dab rigs. It incorporates a diffused downstem, a beaker base and a female dome. Though it has a straight neck, the conspicuous beaker design ensures you experience no splash back when dabbing.

3. Nano Inline Perc Oil Rig by DankStop (

Every budget dabbler looking for a great scientific glass that promises satisfaction should take this little baby to a sesh session. It fits this category of small dab rigs mostly because of its size though it is more at home among cheap dab rigs. This five-incher has a portable size with a very discreet appearance.

It comes with a 10-mm male joint but may require a female dome of a similar length for it to function properly. It has an inline percolator with multiple slits to ensure proper filtration of vapor. The rig is available in clear glass option as well as in green or blue glass options.

4. Pokeflute Theme Pendant Rig by Empire Glassworks (

This pendant dab rig with a Pokémon theme has a stemline percolator with three slits that diffuses and filters smoke efficiently to deliver the smoothest hits. The mouthpiece is an awesome Pokéflute that has Snorlax glass by the side to ensure efficient smoke delivery.

This dab rig has a pendant loop that makes it very portable and considering that its entire glass sections are made only from thick borosilicate glass, it is very durable.

5. Snic-Style 14.5mm Beaker Base Mini Rig by Grav Labs (

This mini dab rig from Grav Labs is small and actually feels small. However, there is nothing small about it. It maximizes your smoking experience just as well as the large rigs do. Its beaker shaped base and the angled glass dome ensure that your smoke does not lose any of its flavor.

It stands at only 4 inches and comes with a glass nail and 14.5-mm male joint with a similar sized corresponding female dome. This compact size makes it a suitable candidate for dabbing on the go and better yet, it is easy to stash.

Grav Labs makes this particular dab rig from very thick glass and so people looking for portability and durability should consider it.

These small dab rigs are great for people looking for dabbing gear that are easy to carry around and conceal if need be. They are durable and though they are small, all of them are big on dabbing experience. The five however are not the only small dab rigs that DankStop and the Smoke Cartel offer. Shop around for more and choose one or two that meets your dabbing needs.